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    I'’d say 90% of my clientele over the last 4 years that I've spent as a personal trainer have been “fat loss clients”. This has given me a huge amount of understanding of what it is like to work wi...

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  • (Out of 6)

    I'm a 100% dedicated to getting results for my client's!!...Fitness has become my life since completing Insanity in 2014. My back ground would be HIIT Training as I believe in the results you WILL get...

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  • (Out of 5)

    Hi, I'm Joel. Firstly I'd like to say hello and invite you all to checkout my website and social media platforms. I post a lot of free information, tips and guidelines on these and feel you guys and g...

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    I have been a Personal Trainer for over 6 years now, I have trained many different clients with a variety of goals. My passion is Strength Training, teaching people how to lift safely and effectiv...

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Reviews Given ByService Seekers

  • I went to Sacha initially to get into shape for my wedding in 9 months time, after my dad said "no one likes a fat bride", but also wanted to make fitness a sustainable part of my life again. I didn't want a quick fix for the wedding and then to put it back on after. I was the biggest I'd ever been and feeling really uncomfortable in my own skin. I felt I had an instant connection with Sacha as she has been there herself! Sacha was brilliant, she gave me the exact type of workouts to maximise weight & fat loss, the nutrition I needed to support it & the motivation to keep me going, as I had tried other personal trainers & had failed. Her sessions were varied and different each week to keep me interested and to ensure I was progressing. She was fantastic at making sure my head was in the game, even when I was having a difficult day. 18 months later and 12 months after the wedding, I am still training with her having reached my weight loss goals! Cannot recommend Sacha highly enough!

    From: Lucie James
    For: Sacha Hayes Oxley Park
  • I have been training with Gavin for a bit over an year now. In addition to getting my general fitness levels up, he has helped me gain an over all confidence about how I look and feel everyday. Every time I think I am getting the hang of it, he always pushes me to the next level. His motivational skills are excellent. He strikes a very good balance and is very good at tailoring the sessions to your needs. I started off with long term sciatica and back related issues, but he has helped me gain so much strength around those muscles that I rarely suffer from episodes of those kind of issues, touch wood. My husband was so impressed with how it was helping me, that he has started training with Gavin too. I would strongly recommend Gavin as a personal trainer and he goes over and beyond to fit things around your calendar. Thanks Gavin.

    From: Simi Mathew
    For: Gavin Eastman