Official Partners

Team No Limits
No Limits Performance Nutrition is a research based sports supplement brand, developing state of the art products for elite athletes, fitness professionals and individuals that are serious about training, performance and RESULTS!
The Healthy Body Kit
More than just a subscription box, The Healthy Body Kit is a lifestyle! Designed for women with an interest in fitness, health and wellbeing. Subscription from as little as £9.99 a month with the option to cancel at anytime.

Professional Gains 


Pro-Gains is a company passionate about what they do. As one of the country’s leading providers of healthy meals, delivered to your door, they strive on many levels to excel.

Firstly, in the area of VARIETY. Their dishes are a healthy balance of proteins, fats and carbohydrates. It couldn’t be easier for our customers to select fantastic food (one from each category) – and all according to their personal tastes. They cater for meat-eaters, halal-meat eaters, vegetarians and vegans.

Secondly, they make it EASY TO EAT WELL. Once customers have chosen what they want, they deliver to their chosen destination, whether that’s their home, or even the office! And now – they also offer a delivery service, 7 days a week! 

Their aim as a company is to spread the word, and allow people to eat healthily – all over Europe. They have a network of qualified chefs who work to produce their healthy food, and they respond to customer feedback and recipe ideas.