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I'’d say 90% of my clientele over the last 4 years that I've spent as a personal trainer have been “fat loss clients”. This has given me a huge amount of understanding of what it is like to work with clients such as this.

Personally, I have my own fat loss transformation story. Between the ages of 19 to 21 I had aspirations to compete in powerlifting and strongman events which require an abundance of bodyweight to be competitive in most cases. At my heaviest weight I was over 27st, roughly 170 kg give or take. I will happily provide pictures to anyone wanting to see, however, I am unable to post such on this page.

At that weight I felt awkward and uneasy, the way people viewed me was totally different to the way they do now. I was involved in a car accident which resulted in a fair few injuries which made training the same way very difficult. I felt that I wanted to change, I wanted to experience what life would be like from a different perspective. I truly believe there is nothing more powerful than a changed mind so I began to implement small changes in my diet and daily life, and slowly but surely it worked!

I'’m currently 18st 9lbs or roughly 115kg. Measurement wise I was a 52” waist and a 62” chest. Now I am a 34” waist and a 54” chest. I have experienced what it’s like to physically transform both gaining weight and losing weight, I’'m sure I can definitely relate to you. I am proud of what I'’ve achieved and I hope I can inspire you to achieve all that you want and more.

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