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The Truth About Carbs

18 Aug

Carbs get a bad press within the fitness industry but they’re not as bad as people make out. We’ve tried to summarise the key things to know about carbs below. What types of carbs are there? • Simple carbs include sugar, honey and corn syrup. These consist of just 1 or 2 sugar molecules and […]

Can Working In An Office Give You Back Pain?

16 Aug

Research suggests that back pain is among the leading causes of office work-related disability for people under the age of 45 due to the amount of time spent sitting at a desk in front of the computer. Why is this case? The effects of sitting for a prolonged time period Sitting creates a static situation […]

Full Body TRX Workout

5 Aug

    KNEE TUCK PUSH UP The push up into the knee tuck push-up is a compound exercise which targets balance and stability. This exercise is perfect to develop core and upper body strength. MOUNTAIN CLIMBERS Mountain climbers are perfect to help you improve your balance, coordination and agility. They also benefit muscular fitness by […]