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5 Ways to Make Fitness Fun

11 May

Staying fit and active is crucial to good health, yet it can be difficult to commit the time required for exercise and to stay motivated to do so regularly. Give these tips a try which will help you make working out fun.


Making Fitness Fun

A good and easy way of being able to make exercising a part of your daily routine is to make it something you enjoy. Here are few ways in which that can be done:

  1. 1) Get Outside. Outdoor activities such as sports and running prevent boredom by adding variety to where you go and what you see during your workout.
  2. 2) Make It A Team Effort. Attending gym classes or participating in your local sports team will help to add a social element to working out. Being around others in a similar situation as yourself will provide motivation.
  3. 3) Add Variety. Don’t stick to your normal workouts. Try and learn a number of different workouts (e.g. strength training, sports, cardio, etc.) and alternate them for variety. This will also help to work different parts of your body and will ensure every part is getting the exercise it requires.  
  4. 4) Get A Buddy. Try to work out with someone you enjoy spending time with – a friend, family member, etc. – this will give the activity a social element.
  5. 5) Add Music. Listening to upbeat music that makes you feel good will also make workouts more fun – it may also boost your performance.


Girl bored of working out

Working out doesn’t have to be boring or a chore. The tips shared in this article will help you make fitness fun.

Fitness Challenge

Taking part in a fitness challenge with colleagues or friends adds a competitive edge to working out. There are many challenges that you can take part in:

  1. 1) Charity walking/running schemes.
  2. 2) Local/work/school sports teams.
  3. 3) Fitness classes or personal training (visit our Top Fitness Buddies page to see if they can help you).
  4. 4) Log your activity to keep a track of your progress – it’s great to see how your performance improves over the weeks/months.
  5. 5) Encourage friends/colleagues to join you – taking part with people you know can provide a big mental and confidence boost.


Stay Motivated

  1. Get involved in a competition – training towards a competition will ensure you stay motivated.
  2. Track your progress. Taking part in a fitness challenge often involves tracking measurable attributes such as body weight, stamina, body fat percentage, etc. Being able to see improvements in these measures will give you a positive feeling that makes you want to keep going.
  3. Set a goal. Whether it’s in fitness or your professional life, setting goals gives you something to work towards and is vital in keeping you motivated. Be ambitious but be realistic.
  4. Work out at home. Working out at home doesn’t require a large amount of space or fancy equipment. Most of the best home workouts are bodyweight exercises and HIIT (see our previous Core Strengthening Workout Video for an example).
  5. Make time for exercise. If you have time set aside for working out, it becomes less of a chore. When you see the results of your hard work, it becomes easier to stay motivated and persist with reaching your goals.


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